Went to fore golf for fitting as my driver is killing me off the tee so bought new from fore golf an in the first four putting I have won twice so I highly recommend it to everyone, a great service from top to bottom,. Originally Posted by kevin. Thank you to Derek and Dave for such a thorough and professional service and for making such an enjoyable and memorable day. I got fitted recently and they are very professional and friendly.. I could see on the computer screen that I was hitting much straighter and longer shots with the clubs he recommended. We left at noon having unhurriedly chatted with smiles on our faces and friendship in our hearts so much so that I got the courage to go back in and ask for an old 5 wood head if they could find one. Like that this visit used my history as a baseline and we went from there.

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I can highly recommend this fitting service for any golfer. I couldn’t have been happier David recommended not changing my driver as the improvements were only very marginal. The SFT optiohs features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings.

Titleist Shaft Choices – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? Discover Your “Natural” Golf Swing. Not only were you honest but you also even took the extra time to shaft options for titleist 910 me some pointers.


With Derek and Dave I knew I was in the hands of experts. The Titleist version as more torque than the market version. YouTube Golf World Magazine: Best hour I’ve ever gor hitting balls and am delighted I did it.

Shaft Options For New 910 D2

My handicap went from 18 to 10 in the space of 18 months. If like me you have spent years trying to find the right driver I highly recommend a spin out to ForeGolf. Thanks shaft options for titleist 910 Derek, Dave, Don and Christine!

For the first time in 30 years I have clubs that actually work for me.

After my experienceI fr also recommended a few fellow golfers to Foregolf who have been up for fittings since and they were equally impressed. Hewitt B Sealy, TX. Here is what I found.

Apart from the attention to detail shaft options for titleist 910 the whole set up in Killeen, I love the fact that there is no hard sell.

Derek cut through the numbers and the complexities and the wedges are in process. Then into Dave for the fitting, I would highly recommend anyone getting fitted in foregolf to go to Dave. Cannot recommend the place more — worth every penny and surprisingly only marginally more than the superstores. Lately I have been shaft options for titleist 910 a D2 with 9. I got fitted recently and they are very professional and friendly.


Most big misses were to the left and I absolutely could not fade the ball with the head set at A1. I had an absolutely brilliant time at my one hour fitting with David.

Couldn’t have enjoyed my time anymore and can’t wait to get the new weapons shaft options for titleist 910 my bag. I suffered badly for years getting off the tee due to shaft options for titleist 910 bad slice. So do you only pick out what you want to see to argue? Now I know I am always on about the shaft but in this driver case, it is by far the most prevalent.

Cant wait to get my new irons for the new golfing year. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Will purchase and will be back. If something wasn’t better than what I had, we moved on. I was fitted by Dave who recommended all my other clubs were fine and did not need changed.

Spin, launch, feel, etc.