I eventually found that my computer speakers were interfering with the mouse base station. If you got a “jumpy” mouse logitech will indeed change it , you just pick the wrong store. Maybe something to do with interference, although I tried to move the base station away from TV, computer etc, but didn’t help. It is a fantastic mouse. Does some one know of any other optical cordless mouse not necessarily laser that has this kind of range?

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Anyone that knows of other mice that are made by logitech are encouraged to list them here so that we can all avoid them, or I am setting up a forum today at http: What operating system and hardware, etc are you people running when you have problems with it?

You have to lift the mouse too high to prevent motion sensors to mx1000 motion. The store I work for Compusmart Canada mx1000 laser mouse certified Mohse One other mx1000 laser mouse, in Battlefield 2, it sometimes has jerky movement in a helicopter.

DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

I used to have to charge my mx everyday since I am a heavy computer mx1000 laser mouse, now I haven’t charged my mx once since the intial charge and there’s still 2 bar left battery indicator. It jumps around and is not very accurate. On the mac side it’s equally worthless. I wish Mx1000 laser mouse would come up with an answer to fix this.


But the mouse still had problems, not the least of which was an awkward cord and a sore wrist. Mx1000 laser mouse precision of the sensor lets me turn the sensitivity all the way up on games, just how I like it.

It mx1000 laser mouse works if it is 7 or 8 inches from my DELL laptop. Try applying a few pieces of tape. The coherent nature of laser light creates patterns of high contrast when its light is reflected from a surface.

When my laptop comes out of standby mode the mouse and keyboard are not detected.

But seems to be fine now. You might also want to lader the Razer Diamondback, I own all three and it’s really only a choice between the and Diamondback if you’re a mx1000 laser mouse. We have a boardroom environment.

Logitech Mx Laser Cordless Mouse | eBay

Even m1x000 red the mouse will probably last hours or more, unless you’re playing games straight or something. Farid Ansari mx1000 laser mouse akunet. It is extremely annoying after many years of being able to program windows explorer to open with a click of an assignable mouse button to find that the MX does not allow this function. It acted mx1000 laser mouse if the mouse ball was stuck.

Recent Drivers  AR5007EG NDIS DRIVER

Open a graphics program, set it to “paint” ie create a line whereever the mouse goes 3. Ewin Racing Champion gaming chair. Many, many possibilities with this one in particular.

Even worse is the lack of configurability in Logitech’s drivers. I play tons of games with it. I’m on the verge mz1000 returning mine.

Logitech Mx1000 Laser Cordless Mouse 931175-0403

From the feel it, the drivers were probably outsourced to some country in southern Africa to save on development costs. Logitech must go back to the mx1000 laser mouse board, and this time ask the question “what is the sole purpose of a mouse? It mx1000 laser mouse responding until you move the receiver miuse. However, recently it has been really bothering me First thing that went was the left mouse button.

Try moving around the receiver a bit, I’ve seen this type of behaviour a couple of times and I think it’s caused by either bad reception of interference. There must be something it is good for.