So a 5W30 oil will have a better performance at even lower temperatures than the 15W40 but will thin out more than the 15W40 at temperatures approaching degrees C. The last unfinished can shows 1. Search for Nissan stuff on ebay! After the V fill, I drove around 20 minutes or so, then hit it from 1st to 2nd. And the BMW one is actually from Castrol right? For road cars it is better to look for an oil that covers as much as possible all the temperature ranges. I want to run the best oil, the cost does not matter at all because it is hardly more expensive than anything else.

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Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. So dun worry any recommended oil on Bmw manual will do. Let us know what you find out. A lot of research has gone into V type of products to perform the way they do at their specified operating ranges. The sound of the R engine above rpm with this oil reminded me of the turbines running similar lubrication.

Motul v for engine oil?? | – Singapore BMW Owners Discussion Forum

My EGT was probably deg lower than usual as well. Not very optimistic about it holding up though double ester tech etc is quite impressive on paper. View attachment So how do I read this? Eight grades of viscosity are available: Find More Posts by iain atkins.

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Red line 5w has most of the spec of LL01FE: This is not a racing bike by any stretch of imagination. So a 5W30 oil will have a better performance at even daiyl temperatures than the 15W40 but will thin out more than the 15W40 at temperatures approaching degrees C.

I’ve posted a link on here regarding this oil back in one of the last oil discussions.

The rest is all marketing fluff, and in some cases like Shell’s Helix offering there are genuine additives like detergents to keep the engine internals nice and sparkling. Just a 2 cent contribution Ducati Scrambler Icon Red.

motup Opposite when the engine is hot oil can reach temperatures os C which causes a deterioration of the oil mechanic properties ie. Anyway miles is exactly when I change mine and longer drain intervals is never an attractive proposition to me.

I personally would go for German Castrol n or motul v.

Motul 300v for engine oil??

Doesn’t matter what product it is, there’s always going to be some twit s out there who are going to make a comment or opinion that may not agree with your frame of thought. What do they use btw?

Facebook Google Remember Me? I want the best and how much it costs does not matter but i also do not want to pay a lot and end up ruining my engine because i wasn’t supposed to use this type of oil. Can I confirm that PML is using shell motkl One can see immediately that – – Viscosity is thin at the higher temp outside of what the N20 is speced for – TBN is low so forget about it doing 8k without shearing Being that the N20 is turbo charged Mocal and Setrab oil coolers.


Hi, I use it all year round, recommended for the turbo Impreza as the best Motul grade by Motul themselves. So yeah I would check that out as it is a little easier to source.

This stuff is like liquid power. I daiy beat on it, but I do love sitting at 4k for a second or two, moutl then putting my foot down.

I ended up buying Motul V 15w50 oil for my first oil change. Start New Thread Destination Forum. If wacking car hard maybe motul v. My Subaru Parts for sale Join Date: I know it’s pricey, but I don’t plan on sacrificing the longevity of my motor by going the cheap route on something as important as engine oil.

Motul’s data spec sheet on their website states that ‘other uses’ for V are “Street bikes fitted with catalytic convertors” Link: