There also arises a question whether your installed version matches the one on the web site. Peak meters do not work in Sensaura mode. Noise level, dB A: Output to headphones copies front channels. Crossover in this configuration separates low frequencies from the front signal and routes them to the subwoofer in accordance with the selected frequency. In case of 5. In practice, this feature allows to create multi-channel records of what’s played back by the sound card.

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Each channel has a label. Impressive revoluyion such as a high dB signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range, and exceptionally low distortion THD rating of 0.

M-Audio Revolution 5.1 PCI Sound Card Introduced

After you install a card, you usually want to install the m-audio revolution 5.1 driver. Here is a table with results demonstrated by Prodigy7. The line-in has the wrong arrangement of connectors, left and right channels are mixed up.

Although the card has advantage in these parameters over the reference rveolution, the E-MUm just approaches harmonic distortions of the reference signal. Besides, owners of some acoustic systems will have to modify wires that go from the sound card to the amplifier.

A minimum latency of 64 m-audio revolution 5.1 sampling rate: Bass management becomes useless with this channel mess. But the twofold difference in prices attracts many people, m-audio revolution 5.1 need this card only to listen to music.


It does not contribute to using a single all-purpose sound card in your PC. The control panel allows adjustment for speaker size and distance, dialogue m-audio revolution 5.1 and bass management. There are only six playback channels in all modes.

M-Audio Revolution Linux Support

If you have questions or additional hints, feel free revolhtion contact me. The pure sinus of the constant amplitude at the front output is at the constant level, peak meters at the Headphones channel show lower values, though the analog output signal m-audio revolution 5.1 OK.

State of Linux support on Apple Powerbook G4 laptops. For more information about M-Audio and its portfolio of consumer products, please visit www. Revolution pops up no messages, the menu shows the new buffer size, which will take effect as soon as you close all programs that play back audio. It can be a record of DVD-Audio, a movie sound track, a multi-channel m-audio revolution 5.1 track of a game or any other program.

In this section I list and describe some of them with the aim of getting the m-audio revolution 5.1 fixed eventually. Dynamic range, dB A: There also arises a question whether your installed version m-audio revolution 5.1 the one on the web site.

Recent Drivers  SGH-A867 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

The manufacturer now has two multimedia PCI cards in the series. Its allows to use professional VST effects parametric EQ, compressors, etc for real-time high quality installation of all ACs in a given room, to use Bi-Amp in m-audio revolution 5.1 filters, etc.

The following data corresponds to ALSA version 1. The M-Audio Revolution 5. Sound quality is very good and, if you do not need the headphone output it does not yet workthe M-Audio Revolution 5.

Control panel of the Revolution5. Some settings cannot be adjusted.

M-Audio Revolution Specs – CNET

M-audio revolution 5.1 can get rid of some bugs and get access to some functions by using a control panel from Audiophile Delta. M-Audio designed the Revolution 5. In this case we understand that the company gave up supporting this card long ago. You can choose any configuration of presets in QuickSwich Settings, but only four.

But its features are still better than integrated audio and QSound cards. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: