When selected, the User ID check box is automatically selected, although you can clear it. Spaces are not allowed in any part of the connection string. You must have already configured your application server and registered it on the Profile tab. Adds a shortcut for PeopleSoft Configuration Manager, which enables you to edit registry settings relevant to PeopleSoft. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Select Minimized to have the window state appear as an icon on the task bar.

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This ensures that the exported configuration file reflects the current settings. This setting applies to Application Inwtall programs.

This approach assumes that application server will receive an equal number of connections. Throughout this chapter, we make reference to operating system configuration requirements.

peoplesoft admin dba: crystal installation in peoplesoft

If this check box is clear, you see the onscreen messages only. Do not select it in a peopledoft environment. On Microsoft Windows-based clients, you can install SQR locally, or you can map to a copy installed on the file server.

Use these settings only when you require tracing on the client. Most peopelsoft workstations are equipped with supported web browsers, but with no special PeopleSoft software installed.

If you try to add a database to a second profile, PeopleSoft Configuration Manager asks you if you want to remove it from the poplesoft profile and add it to the current one.

Recent Drivers  FOXCONN 655A01-FX DRIVER

Enter a number to limit the number of worklist instances or entries that appear when viewing worklists. This command is only valid when used in conjunction with the -setup command.

nVision – PeopleSoft Wiki

Enter the directory where PeopleSoft Data Mover should search for its input data. Sending the messages to a log file is useful for inatall purposes. Clicking Purge Cache Directories brings up a dialog box with your existing cache file directories, as shown in the following example:. Find out what you can do.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

The -activex command enables you to register the ActiveX controls without running the entire Client Setup process. The language setting in PeopleSoft Configuration Manager determines language preferences for the PeopleTools development environment, regardless of user language preferences.

If the workstation requires only one peopleosft of profile settings, you can use the default profile. Some PeopleSoft sites use multiple database types and names.

Microsoft Office must be installed locally, because it requires registry settings. Such tasks include, updating record definitions with Application Designer and running scripts using Data Mover.

Each workstation must have a default profile, which is used when the user signs in to a database or application server that isn’t listed in any profile. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Controls the default values that appear in the PeopleSoft signon screen, as well as the location of the PeopleSoft cache on the client. Although this tab is specifically for developer settings, all of the PeopleSoft Configuration Manager settings may affect developers, especially the Startup tab and the Process Scheduler tab for the default profile.


Page controls are always displayed in their instaol size. They are also downloaded automatically if peiplesoft master copy of the object on the database server is odb.

Subsequent instances do not display the navigator. This check box affects the Enter key on the numeric keypad, but not the Enter key on the main keyboard. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Use this command when you do not want to install the ODBC drivers on the client workstation when using the -setup command.

This location must be a directory to which the user has write access. Generate level 1 tracing plus high level code flow. Users must manually delete them from the temp directory to save disk space. Select for images that have already been converted, but need to be converted so they meet the platform size limits. To clear Database Name, you must clear the Database Type check box.