This is your Sidebar, which you can edit like any other page in your workspace. You’ll need to obtain the information from your network administrator. If you’re removing or re-installing a battery pack, make sure the Panther is turned off: Double click on the file and upload. The connection is authenticated with a valid DHCP address. The Panther has two types of battery power:

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Please note that the Panther will not attempt to connect until you tap Activate.

On the Config tab, select follett panther network in the list and tap Activate. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. When needed, clean the scanning lens and the LCD display with a clean, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. follett panther

This is a communication-only cable unless you plug the power pqnther into follett panther power port. To capitalize only the next folleht pressed, single-press the SFT key. If the main battery is low and follett panther Panther is in Suspend mode, pressing the SCAN button does not wake the Panther; you must replace the discharged battery with a fully follett panther battery.

Browse to and select your Follett Remote file. To use a transaction date other than the one shown, click Transaction Date and select one.

Using the Follett Panther for Inventory With Destiny

On the pop-up menu, tap follett panther action of the task you want to perform. Navigation keys Located in the center of follett panther keyboard for easy access with either panthet, the navigation keys enable you to navigate the cursor through an application screen.


If you are typing text, follett panther character is deleted each time you backspace. Once you’ve moved your Follett Remote files to your workstation, you can upload them to your application.


Please note follett panther when typing in Alpha mode, you must use the same multi-press method you would use when typing letters on a phone keypad. Follegt you are typing text, a character is deleted each time you backspace. Red Key combinations Press the Follett panther key once in combination with the next key.

You can follett panther use the Blue modifier key for regular Blue Key follett panther in Alpha mode. Tap to return to the Desktop or toggle between the open applications. If not, open ActiveSync on the workstation by double-clicking the ActiveSync icon in the system tray.

Double-click the ActiveSync icon in the system tray. However, the Panther automatically cold boots follett panther you install a fully charged battery pack. Click Explore on its toolbar. Your scanner should appear with a status of Connected.

Please note that follett panther Panther will not attempt to connect until you tap Activate. Insert image from URL Tip: To use a transaction date other that the one shown, enter the desired Follett panther.


Getting started with the Panther v3

If it’s already running, asks you if you want to close it. Press the Blue key once in combination with the next key. The IrDA port enables the Panther to transmit data follett panther pulses of infrared light to and from other IrDA-compliant devices, such as printers, workstations, and even other Panthers. Once you’ve installed ActiveSync on your workstation, you’ll need to follett panther it:. Moves the cursor one space forward. When your application follett panther finished processing the file, make sure to review the exception report or job summary.


Follett Panthers offer the following communication options: Each number key has a blue section follett panther white characters that indicates which letter or symbol is follett panther when you press that key in Alpha mode.

On the next dialog, “What kind of items do you want to sync? pnther

Located inside the Panther, the backup battery is a 2. Check the job summary in Job Manager in follett panther Back Office to review any exceptions.