This shows the physical drive firmware revision number. This value matches the bay location where the physical drive has been installed. When the number reaches one hundred , the building process is complete and the spare has replaced the physical drive. Use this to determine the status of the write cache operations. External Array Controller Table. Your board may need servicing.

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Redundancy status denotes the presence of internal redundant components such as fans, power supplies, etc.

Loop failure – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Errors may occasionally occur. If the firmware revision chabnel is not supported, the agent will return a NULL string. The device driver issues this command when the server is taken down. This value represents the condition of this controller.

As I said in the original question: The reallocation area is part of the disk drive that the drive manufacturer sets aside to compensate for these defects.

QLA cannot update bios – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

This is the model name of the tape controller. The logical drive is no longer functioning.

Recent Drivers  COBY MP 301 DRIVER

It ‘stripes’ data and parity across all the physical drives in the configuration to ensure the uninterrupted availability of uncorrupted data. Bad Configuration 3 Indicates that write cache operations are temporarily disabled.

This variable indicates whether the chanel tape which is inserted in an autoloader needs to be replaced because its cleaning capability is exhausted it is at end of tape. Overheating 10 Indicates that the storage box that contains the logical drive is overheating. If you continue to have re-reads, you may have a problem.

If you suspect that a problem may exist with the drive, run diagnostics. The firmware CD identifies: You can use the reference time to calculate rates for other physical drive events.


The installed firmware versions are: Your board may need servicing. These tests compare the way the physical drive currently operates when performing various tasks with the way it worked when it was new.

External Tape Drive Library Drive. External Array Reference Time in hours. If the current value is zero, fibe drive has not failed.

This value the percent complete of the rebuild. This is used to indicate whether the percentage value returned from Functional Test 2 has every dropped below the allowable threshold for that test.


I will attempt to answer as many of the questions as I can. The phyDrvHReads and the phyDrvReads together shows the total number of sectors read from the physical disk drive during the reference time phyDrvRefHours. This value represents the overall cgannel of this controller and any array accelerators. External Tape Drive Serial Number.

Fibre Channel Tape Library Model.

External Array Controller Product Revision. Array Accelerator Board Battery Status. The storage box index indicates which storage box this controller is in. Logical Drive Fault Tolerance. When the spin up command was issued, the drive failed to reach its ready state.