The added firmware modification support is a big bonus as well. It does go without saying that in this case, being able to overburn this much also means handling overburning of regular 80 minute CD-Rs quite well. The disc quality is not too bad according to the DW — a bit poor on the inside ring, but otherwise quite decent. CD Error Correction Tests 4. I currently have a 32 bit. AFCS accelerates the circulation inside the drive and speeds up the heat elimination through the drive’s steel housing. This greatly helps to reduce data access time and also to deliver superior reading and writing quality.

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The quality scan features reported Dd1640 as sum8-values rather than sum1, thus could not be directly compared with the LiteOn or ECMA standard guidelines, although different drives did always vary with their opinions of the quality of discs.

It was an unexpected result, as contemporary drives in that era would often have problems maintaining high read speeds as they struggled to cope with the marginal disc that was just out of spec. Already have an account? I’ve only seen 4.

You will find QVideo 2. You can click on the mainboard picture for a higher resolution image: DVD Reading speed 16x Max.

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Burning Windows 7 bit ISO using Benq DVD DD DW ATA device – TechSpot Forums

There were other drives, including some ddd drives and readers which had scanning ability. Transfer Rate Reading Tests 3. The description of the optical drive from Speccy can be found in the attachment. While CD-R overburning was easily achieved using contemporary burning software of the time Nero and generally just worked, DVD overburning was completely different. SA – Page 2 Lines and paragraphs break automatically. You have a retail version evd Win7 or OEM?

BENQ DVD DD DW1640 resources, firmwares and drivers

More information about text formats. SA – Page 1 Removing the screws and opening the drive’s cover voids the drive’s warranty.

I decided to write a 99 minute 00 second 00 frame disc, as in my experience, getting too close to the simulated value will cause issues.

Below is a screenshot of Nero Burning Rom’s specs for the drive.

Benq Dvd Dd Dw1640 Ata Device Driver Download

Owing to the presence of error correction data within the recorded data, a simple read-back verify would succeed as long as sufficient data remained readable to recover the original data post-error-correction. However, this ability began cropping up dw164 drives as part of less-well-documented firmware features that exist with drives of specific chipsets. Not all drives were capable of handling this properly, and while the 90 minute blanks rvd generally quite compatible, the 99 minute ones almost always caused problems.


There should be no POFs, else unreadable data is quite likely. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. Leave this field blank. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. I suppose this write-up is my way of thanking the drive for years of trouble-free service. To that end, normally such information can only be garnered through the use of expensive disc analyzers such as CATS. The sample that we received dvvd with firmware version BSHB.

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However, when attempting to burn, we find that burns proceed to writing all the data and then fail. One Response rw1640 Tech Flashback: These are from my friend who built my PC. Sense key not important: Proudly powered by WordPress.