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Customizing Of The Control Panel Step 2 Selecting The Mailbox Replacing Drum Cartridges [a1], [a2], [a3], And [a4] Importing From Mailbox Document centre c360 Printing And Deleting Stored Documents Density Level adjusting Vocument Level About The Circuit Breaker Step 5 Setting The Feature Fax Billing Data Scan Size specifying A Scanning Size Check Mailbox Procedure Cleaning The Machine Color Balance adjusting Color Document centre c360 System Settings Procedure About Internet Fax Charge Print Settings Scan To Mailbox Original Type select The Document Type Covers attaching A Cover To Copies Network Scanner Utility Stopping The Fax List Of Options Loading Paper In Trays 1 Documenf 4 Registering Stored Programming Manageable Features And Services Stored Programming Overview Problems With Sending E-mail Job Flow Procedure Using Pdf Direct Print Sending A Fax Printing A Report When Not Using A Receiver Stopping The Scan Job Deleting Stored Programming User Account Billing Meter