I bought mine for the kids years ago, and break it out from time to time. Focussing is a little tricky at x with some lateral image movement but not unduly so. In addition to making microscopic exploration fun, the included software can be used in a multitude of creative applications. One of Molecular Expression’s design improvements to the bottom light did suggest a simple two lens Abbe condenser and prompted the author to try a LOMO Abbe condenser which sits neatly in the underside of the stage with elastic band to secure, but for the most part, for practicality the author just used the light box. I have an older version of this product. Crops from masters, unmodified apart from bringing tonal balances comparable. The LED’s provide a cooler better colour balanced illumination.

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I am at least 16 years of age. Images are used with permission as required. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use digital blue microscope cookies. It’s terrific fun, takes great microecope you can print or save, and is a great educational tool! Additionally, the focusing knob is made of cheap plastic and does not function as well as some would like.

The image is interpolated to x pixel resolution for display in the Microscope software’s Live View window. Sep 19, 18 Motherboard in computers have software drivers for the motherboard “chipsets”, digital blue microscope control all operations including USB.

Progress is shown on the screen. View our privacy policy. Trial at improving the QX5 bottom lighting: Because of genetic and metabolic diversity digital blue microscope this genus, members of Burkholderia can be found….


Digital Blue microscope

The field microsfope ca. For digital blue microscope user seeking an evenly illuminated capture area an additional top light is vital as the side mounted fitted light gives some light fall off. This is reflected in the extensive resources for teachers and students that have been developed for it and the enthusiasts of all ages sharing their experiences and images, see below for a selection. Slight sharpening to correct resize softening.

Click here to review our site terms of use. The x power is difficult to use when the microscope is on the stand.

Digital Blue QX5 Computer Microscope

The QX5 lets users view and manipulate images with bule computer, offering hours of fascinating fun for both kids and adults. The bottom light isn’t strong enough at x for best results but digital blue microscope modification can significantly improve them. The focus is also a little sensitive when on the highest power, so less patient users and younger kids may become very frustrated when trying to really zoom in.

Digital blue microscope rock thin section, Open University slide.

Three sets of three images of ca. Click each bee leg image digital blue microscope view video capture master.

Typical selling prices for the QX5 in Nov. The rack and pinion works fine and the focus digital blue microscope are microzcope. However some adult users find the software annoying, as it produces a lot of zips, bleeps, and other noises that kids enjoy but adults may not have as much patience for.


It works better in the hand-held mode. For the 10x and 60x the focus was set midway between lower and upper focus points to gain max.

Resized to pixels wide from digital blue microscope.

QXScope – QX Series Mac Microscope Software

Negatives of this model include: Transmitted light from light box, no condenser. This is made by the “Digital Blue” company Its an upgrade of their QX3 I tried installing it by letting windows detect it first and also the correct way of installing their sofware first but its the same either way.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular Intel Play QX3 microscope? We digital blue microscope pleased to find that the installation of the digital blue microscope was easy, although we were a little disappointed to learn that it doesn’t run on a Mac.

This works great for classroom environments where multiple microscopee can see the image at the same time.

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