Below you can see what it looks like, and how readable if low res displays can be: Almost everything else is a la carte—no need to pay for functionality not needed on a job. For WiFi, support of the “a” and “n” standards would have been nice, but that’s fairly uncommon in handhelds and smartphones. On the left is the blue Home screen. That’s about the size and weight flimsy consumer handhelds used to be a decade or so ago; the AT manages that feat in a package that is, of course, far more advanced and also very considerably more rugged to boot.

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So in addition of finding just the right balance between size, weight, features, speed, and battery life, rugged product designers also must balance the degree of ruggedness against size, weight, and cost. But let’s get back to earth and see what the AT is all about.

Power and expansion slots You can’t ever have too much battery power when you work in the field, but things also shouldn’t get too big and unwieldy. But then why not at least Windows Mobile, which is a somewhat more human-oriented interface sitting on top of Windows CE?


The halves are secured together via eight small Torx-type screws. You can zoom in and out, do exposure compensation, rotate the picture, and turn an LED illuminator on and off.

Probably because as long as just functionality matters, might as well go with the most basic and purest form of an OS where it’s simpler to provide exactly the functionality needed for a job, nothing more and nothing less. In the AT, O-ring seals press against the battery to provide that seal, so care must be taken to keep those seals clean and undamaged.


Image quality is doable but not great, so it should be used within its limits.

ATID ATA Android Handheld RFID Reader

Tried and true technology also resides under the hood. It’s not very elegant, but we’re not talking iPhone here. The unit has an illuminated key keypad that’s quite flexible via various data entry methods and six programmable function keys. According to ACC Systems, the main battery is good taid 12 hours on a base unit with the 2D barcode imager based on scans in one work day.

Atid ATN Mobile RFID Reader

Cost is difficult to determine due to the many available options and discounts, but it does indeed appear that ACC’s pricing is ayid lower. The AT does come with Bluetooth version 2. For WiFi, support of the “a” and “n” standards would have been nice, but that’s fairly uncommon in handhelds and smartphones. Where does the AT fall in? It can, according to A.

Easy to Deploy

What’s the difference between Windows CE 5. The AT offers considerable aatid flexibility in the field. That adds up to another The basic AT comes with integrated Below are a few other apps that come in handy and show what the AT is capable of doing. The AT has a resistive touch screen, a time-tested technology still relevant in the field where it may rain on the display or people wear gloves, but very different from the effortless multi-touch tapping we’re used to now.


Normal operation will probably be a combination of stylus and keypad. Any of those input methods, once mastered, work well. If you only looked at the side views, you’d think you’re dealing with some sort atir sinister semi-automatic weapon here, but looks, of course, deceive. And there’s the availability of RFID, either agid for Eventually almost every handheld computers gets dropped while in use.

The AT base unit is definitely smaller and lighter than the Moto, but that’s mostly because the Motorola is larger so it can accommodate either one of its three keyboard options whereas the AT only comes with the less extensive standard key keypad. On the other hand Moto offers more versatile WiFi with It usually contains nothing but the icons for a few basic functions.

If more storage is needed, which is likely, there’s a microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB.

We used a 16GB Kingston card, and it instantly showed up, ready for use. On the left is the blue Home screen. As atod, backlight intensity, backlight shut-off and device shutoff can all be used to optimize battery life.